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GET NOTICED, BE REMEMBERED, & Attract More Business Without Compromising Who You Are

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You may have all sorts of beliefs around networking.  It’s hard, it’s sleazy, it’s fake, it takes time….well it’s time to stop thinking of networking as something you go and do and instead make networking an integral part of your everyday life.

Listen, networking is more than just shaking hands and passing around business cards. It’s about building your social capital; About cultivating long-term relationships and when done correctly a strong professional network extends your sphere of opportunity far beyond your direct contacts.

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What If?

  • What if that benefactor you always dreamed about appeared?
  • What if that ideal strategic partner showed up?
  • What if that audience cried, laughed and totally “got” what you were sharing?
  • What if that life you’ve only dreamed about was yours quicker than you EVER thought possible?
  • What if you offered what you have and got what you wanted WITHOUT compromising your soul?
  • What if you “connected” in such a way that they just “get you”?

It’s time to make that dream a reality.

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The 1-1 Trusted Advisor Partnerships are targeted at the service professional – Think lawyer, accountant, creative professional, coach or consultant.  I work with a handful of clients one on one in an advisory capacity. Most of the time we get together on the phone (Skype, G+ Hangout, etc..) once a week along with on-demand consulting.  You are the owner and decision-maker in your company, and you’ve been in business – with some success – for at least a couple of years.

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BE Remembered:  CULTIVATE Likability:  GET Noticed



“It’s how you make them feel.” Remember, no one cares what you know until they know you care. And, being top of mind when someone needs you most is a lost art form in the world of technology and sound bites. I can show you the way if you’re courageous enough to let go of the ways of networking and connecting that aren’t in sync with what you know in your gut aren’t a fit for you.



Things being equal we do business with people we like. That might not be a popular thing to say, but it doesn’t make it any less true. I’m not here to help you craft a false-image to improve your likeability. I’m here to dig deep helping you uncover and own what makes you great… and don’t think for a second that your uniqueness isn’t a true gift to someone. I’ve been around long to know that there there is someone yearning to learn from YOU. No compromising core values. No fillers. Nothing artificial. Just the pure you.

get noticed


There are plenty of ways to get noticed in this noisy noisy world and plenty of people that will tell you what to do & where to go. But, to truly standout…to truly transcend from simple networking to CONNECTING, it’s far more how you do it and how you’re being. A subtle yet very very powerful difference in the results you achieve.


Becoming A Masterful Networker can open many doors
for you & so much more!