If your audience doesn’t feel you care about them at SOME level, why should they ever care about your product, service or cause?

Business today is about ‘get real’ relationships more than ever. If Networking is sharing knowledge and resources to advance the business, Connecting is sharing whatever it takes to forward the person.

A dynamic keynote speaker, a memorable facilitator, and provocative coach & author, Thomas Mangum accels at transcending the ordinary small talk to intimate conversations that break the patterns of professional networking that unfortunately are so common in this new economy.

Thomas has drawn on a rich and diverse 31 year + experience as an entrepreneur, military interrogator, radio show host to help client after client “connect” so that it creates tangible results in their life. This is where more time for what matters most, more money, more love comes in.

The fact is you want more love, freedom, meaning, connection, passion in your life, so why would anyone be polite or appropriate asking for that? But we do it all day long. It’s human.

Why would you tolerate the same old things that get you what you’re getting now?

To get different results, it’s going to take a fresh approach.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Thomas has experienced from the very earliest age what works in the world business.  Operating his first brick and mortar business at the age of 18 along with many home-based businesses earlier than that, Thomas learned quickly that success comes from the relationships that are cultivated.

No one is “self-made”. Thomas knows that no business thrives without connecting. Not just going through the motions of professional networking, but truly connecting in such a way that is a mind, body, soul connection.

Thomas’ book, working title “Love The One You’re With: Becoming A Masterful Networker Begins With You will be published mid 2014 in New York.


Thomas’ experience is impressive on paper, though his greatest credential is modeling it and passing forward only what works today.

  • From an entrepreneurial family.
    • Grandfather operated several businesses from custom concrete pre-cast to commercial farming
    • Mother was the #1 in U.S. Sales in Tupperware as a consultant in Virginia;
    • Operated a distribution center in Baltimore, MD.
    • Operated a packaging and shipping center franchise
    • From the age of 8 or 9, selling seeds and greeting cards door-to-door, Thomas has had business in his blood.
    • Lead Generation, Relationships, Negotiation trainer & MC for Peter Conti’s Mentor Financial Group (Real Estate Education Company)
  • Public Speaking Mentor & Past Division Governor, Toastmasters International
  • Experience Facilitator, Enlightened Warrior Training Camp, Peak Potentials Training
  • Guerrilla Business School & Train The Trainer graduate, Peak Potentials Training
  • SuccessTracs, Life Directions Coach, T. Harv Eker’s Peak Potentials Training
  • Chair, Toastmasters International Speakers Bureau
  • Lead Trainer, Hosteling International Speakers Bureau, San Diego, CA
  • Speakers Bureau, United Way
  • Former Senior Advisor to The Maui Mastermind
  • North Star Certified Coach– Personally trained by Martha Beck, (“O” Magazine Life Coach)
  • Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach/ Collaborator — Personally trained by Michael Port
  • Coach Institute, Life Coach training

Worked with: Boeing Aircraft Corporation, MRO Software, County of Sacramento, Mentor Financial Group, Maui Mastermind, Sky High Futures, Hosteling International, Peak Potentials Training, City College of San Francisco, District 5 Toastmasters, Great Real Estate, Inc., Tranquility2Go, REI, USTaxAid, Adventure 16, Granite Planet Productions,, San Diego Zoological Society, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), Ready2Go Marketing, River Rock Group,, National Conferencing, Academy On The Go, The Financial Happiness Project, Carpet & Floor Designs, Inspiring Radiance, CashFlow Accounting Series, Freefall International Ltd, Energy Efficiency Consultants, among many others.

Personal: In between beguiling business owners to get real when connecting, he’s found modeling what he shares by engaging the locals around San Diego, snowboarding, enjoying a spa, trekking about the globe or taking Mei-Li the pug to the dog beach. You’d be amazed how much business happens at the dog park!

Leverage your time by connecting NOW!  If you’re not engaging a conversation, nothing changes.