Social Networking #FAIL

facebook FAIL

What would YOU do?

I got a friend request.

I responded to someone that recently sent me a friend request because they are in San Diego.

I wanted to engage.

They said they had no interest in a chat, meetup, whatever.

hmmm that’s strange…why would they send me a request then?  Remember… they friended ME. I replied to them “So, why did you friend me? What is that perked your interest?”

They said “oh, I just wanted to expand my network.”

hmmmm…yeah THAT’s gonna work!


Ladies and gentlemen, that is what you call a networking #FAIL.

Why the heck would you connect online if you have no interest in actually engaging? Weird.

Seriously, what purpose can that serve?  Did they think an extra friend will magically equal a dollar in their pocket?

Gosh I don’t know.

What do think?

Channeling Passion To Connect With Your Audience

Whatever you do, channel that passion FOR or AGAINST something.

Your passionate stand will attract and influence those you’re meant to serve and repel those you aren’t.  Either way, it’s good.

What does this inspire in?

How can you learn from this to let more passion in your presentation?

Model Great Communicators Daily & You’ll Be A Great Communicator

Connecting with an audience is more than a smooth voice and rate of speech.

A great communicator connects by going from their heart through their eyes to your eyes to your heart.

Is your intention to speak or is your intention to move, touch and inspire your audience?

A great coach always told me “model great communicators daily and you’ll be a great communicator”

Check out this video of the Rev Dr Martin Luther King, Jr’s last speech.

You Don’t Have To Be A Perfect Speaker To Be A GREAT Communicator

If you’ve ever put yourself down that you don’t have it in you to be a great communicator, watch this video from the late Randy Pausch.  Tell me it doesn’t inspire you.

Even if you skip through the lecture, allow yourself to be transported by Randy’s stories.

You’ll notice that he’ll cause you to laugh, shed a tear, and take you on a journey losing track of time all the while doing the sort of things that would otherwise distract.

THAT my friend, is a BRILLIANT communicator.

Passion for or against something ALWAYS trumps a technically perfect presentation.

Do you really think you have to speak perfectly to be a master communicator?