facebook FAIL

What would YOU do?

I got a friend request.

I responded to someone that recently sent me a friend request because they are in San Diego.

I wanted to engage.

They said they had no interest in a chat, meetup, whatever.

hmmm that’s strange…why would they send me a request then? ┬áRemember… they friended ME. I replied to them “So, why did you friend me? What is that perked your interest?”

They said “oh, I just wanted to expand my network.”

hmmmm…yeah THAT’s gonna work!


Ladies and gentlemen, that is what you call a networking #FAIL.

Why the heck would you connect online if you have no interest in actually engaging? Weird.

Seriously, what purpose can that serve?  Did they think an extra friend will magically equal a dollar in their pocket?

Gosh I don’t know.

What do think?