No I didn’t mean “building relationships one MESSAGE at a time”.  I do indeed mean MASSAGE.

now that's a lot of massages

This weekend, I was in Las Vegas at a big event that focuses on helping businesses that want to generate more leads online and I ended up on the Las Vegas strip getting a massage with a bunch of people.

What in the world does that have to do with learning to connect; learning to network and becoming a masterful networker?

While there was plenty of wisdom from the speakers on the stage, the GOLD is comes from what happens on breaks and outside the room.

Leads, prospects, strategic partners and clients come out of relationships.

Why oh why would you EVER be focused first on “gotta find a client”, “gotta find a client”, “gotta find a client”????  This is nutty!

Of course if what you’re doing is working for you great!

Otherwise, ask this question….

“If what I’m doing is working so well, then why aren’t my results different?”   <—- whatever you ask, get honest with the answers to the questions you ask.

Becoming a masterful networker is about cultivating those relationships, so why would you focus only on the wisdom from a speaker on stage and treat the people in the room less?  Yet it happens ALL THE TIME!

You wonder how the heck I know who I know and want to learn how I do it.  Well this is it….


Have a drink!

Break bread!

Get a massage together!

group massage

I invest FAR more time on the breaks and outside the room hanging out with people.

A)  It’s more fun than sitting in a seat listening for hours on end and

B)  INTERACTING and ENGAGING is building a relationship

So next time, maybe it IS time to go enjoy yourself and share a massage. You might just meet your next partner!


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