How can I make your day?

How can I help you be a hero to your clients?

LESSON:  Ask smart questions about how you can make the OTHER person’s day FIRST before you asking for what you want!

I was listening to Gail Kingsbury share “How To Get Booked On Stage” today.  She shared something that is just as important getting booked on stage as making a great connection.

Really getting booked on a stage, acquiring a client or closing a deal starts with the relationship first.

Make THEIR day first!

Let’s be clear here, it IS about them first!

Do you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to know how I not only get noticed but REMEMBERED and I mean remembered as likeable?

Well it’s really about is being of service.

Yes, it’s true I definitely have some work to do in others of my life, but being known as a “taker” is not one of them.

I LOVE contributing to the lives of people that are open to receiving.

Too Much Too Soon

If you have that first part down, then I’ll remind you of a place where some people fall down.

Let’s say a person genuinely wants to do something for you and you graciously decline. Hey, it’s ok. They are well-intentioned. It just wasn’t a fit for you.  Then they get pushy about it or needy about it and you start feeling the “energy” change and it’s creepy.  You then realize that it’s about them versus you.

Now you know how that feels, so why would you ever be “that guy” when you’re the other person?  Yuck!

The Point?

Do your very best to share, give, help another person because you really want to. That part is about you being of service because you want to.  Then, remember the act it self is about THEM.

Don’t even bother if it’s all about what you’re going to get from it.

It’s my intention to do my very best to share HOW I do what I do and sometimes it doesn’t quite fit coming out in writing.  That’s the reason I created Becoming A Masterful Networker for a ridiculously small investment of your resources.  So you HEAR how to do it and then go act practice it yourself, then repeat.

Let me know your thoughts on this tip.  Of course if I don’t hear from you, how can I best help you? 🙂

Oh and if learning to connect would be helpful to your group, give a shout, we can create some a-ma-zing results live and in person!