Makes sense right?

But again and again, we do stuff that’s

  1. Not Fun
  2. Has No Joy
  3. Hate It
  4. With people we don’t like

It’s it’s not fun, I’m not doing it.

Yes, I’m brat about that.  Well honestly, I do things sometimes that I dislike but I’m aware of it and make a conscious decision to do them. Big difference.

What about the person that does things and feel they HAVE to do them.

Whether it’s the home-based business person cold calling leads or the real estate agent going to that local leads club.

Think about it…

  • Why would ANYONE do something they HATE?
  • Why would ANYONE work with someone they DISLIKE?

Quite simply because they don’t know better or They have lost their mind…temporarily.

Admittedly, I resemble that remark.

It’s an interesting thing with humans.  As children, we KNOW what is FUN and what isn’t.  We’re trained to have discipline to do things we may not enjoy but get results.  At what long term cost?

A life-long obsession doing hard things or things we don’t like to get something we DO like.  MADNESS!!!


Specifically around learning to connect better and networking effectively…

To become a masterful networker, you MUST bring fun and joy into what you’re doing, else you’ll be miserable.

If that means NOT going to an event, then so be it.

If that means not associating with someone, so be it.

The Masterful Networker does NOT compromise just to get another lead, client or gig.

They may win in the short-term, but at a steep long term cost.

CHOOSE to Become A Masterful Networker

  1. Find joy in what you’re doing or let it go
  2. Find fun people to do it with.

You DO have a choice.

If you feel like you don’t, then contact me. Let’s have a chat because I guarantee you there is a better way.  The only thing I’m going to “sell” you on is YOU!  YOU are the only one that matters and I’m obsessed about your success.

I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life. I’ve learned a LOT about what works and what doesn’t. So you might as well benefit from it while I’m sharing.

What are your thoughts? I want to know!