What If?

  • What if that benefactor you always dreamed about appeared?
  • What if that ideal strategic partner showed up?
  • What if that audience cried, laughed and totally “got” what you were sharing?
  • What if that life you’ve only dreamed about was yours quicker than you EVER thought possible?
  • What if you offered what you have and got what you wanted WITHOUT compromising your soul?
  • What if you “connected” in such a way that they just “get you”?

It’s time to make that dream a reality.

Periodically I offer a mastermind group that is limited to 10 committed individuals from network marketers, real estate investors, business owners/entrepreneurs to corporate leaders interested in experiencing a quantum leap in the results they are currently experiencing.  The commitment is for 90 Days and there is a money back guarantee

I promise you that you do not know who you know. And if you knew who I knew, your life could unrecognizably be altered overnight.

It’s a bold claim.

But stop for a moment and consider…What If?

“But Thomas that’s a bold promise…how can you cause that to happen?”…indeed! I appreciate that perspective. I look at it this way.  Its simply coming out to what I’ve been doing privately for friends and select clients for years. I figured, why not get a few people together and blow the doors off some lives!

As you watch and listen to this consider what you’re tired of putting up with and what you’re committed to.

Will I promise you that i have the EXACTLY what you need?  Of course not because we haven’t spoken yet. Here is what I DO know….I know for a fact the power of connection.  I know that it only takes ONE person to change a life.

If this resonates, reach out to me.

Its an invitation to have a conversation.

Aside working one-to-one with me or taking part in the self-paced online training, Becoming A Masterful Networker, I’m running an experiment..a trial if you will.

Your Very Own Board of Advisors

Imagine if a small group of people with an extraordinary array of life and business experiences were focused exclusively on you for even a few minutes?

Now, I’m not talking half-way. I’m talking where you’re the star. You might even think of this as your own private “board of advisors” where you’re the boss and they never hold back and are exclusively focused on you.

  • We unleash fresh perspectives you NEVER considered.
  • Expertise from a cross-section of industries
  • Connections that open doors that are so astonishing, you’ll weep with joy because the possibilities only existed in your dreams. <—I’ve watched this happen MANY MANY times!
  • All bound by a Code of Honor that creates a bond to allow a connection that only the highest performing teams have experienced. Think award winning sports teams and elite military forces. Ever wonder why they accomplish seemingly superhuman results? I know why and you will too!

Can you comprehend the power in that?


Now, you may have all sorts of definitions of what a Mastermind Group is or isn’t. I promise you, you’ve likely never experienced one quite like this.

And certainly, if you’ve never experienced a mastermind group at all, then buckle up, because this is guaranteed to be the ride of your life…the good kind.  You ARE ready to actually get what you’ve dreamed about right?

Given how cost effective this trial program is, it will be a first in first served basis.

If you know of anyone who is ready to achieve more in the next 90 days than they ever have in their life before now, then let them know about this opportunity.

Given it is a trial of the concept, I intend to heavily reduce the participation fee for this first round.

The commitment is 90 days. Entries are now open. Please submit your interest via private email to

I’m looking for network marketers, real estate investors, business owners/entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders interested in experiencing an quantum leap in the results they are currently getting.

NOTE: This Mastermind Group is not for the faint-hearted. It’s designed for those who are interested in results to unprecedented levels. Having had a hand in the development of mastermind groups with an investment of $500-2500/month to those of $30,000-$75,000, I know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t within the mastermind group dynamic.

The power of any Mastermind group is the caliber of people it attracts & even more importantly the bond that is established.

It is a privilege to participate in your journey if this resonates! You will know if it does!

Listen, keep this really, really simple (and this is a clue to how we operate around here)…. If it resonates, CONTACT ME!