Someone contacts you to have a meet and greet.  You know, those quick conversations to get to know about each other.

When is the right time to get together?

Should you do it right away or should you do it when it “feels” right?

What I’ve found is that it is always perfect when it’s not forced.

I’ve gotten all kinds of advice on networking over the years by “experts” only to find that my way works best for me.

I suspect “your way” is the perfect way for you.  Your job is to trust “your way”.

There is no way I’m going to guarantee “my way” will work for you and any “expert” that says they guarantee their method is full of crap.

Experiment!  YOU are your own guru!

The next time someone says “Hey, let’s skype to get to know each other” or “We should get together and chat about that this week”, act on the prompting on whether it feels right or not.

Are you a bottomline business results kind of person and do it whether it feels right or not?  or will you let it sit for a bit.  It’s your business and it’s up to you.

Here is the major point:  Trust yourself.  Act. Analyze. Adjust!

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