Are you ready to know how to talk to anyone? Because as you master Becoming a Masterful Networker you’ll find you’re able to talk to anyone, anywhere, at anytime!

Here you will be given the opportunity to take those simple yet profound steps moving through your fears and limiting beliefs connecting with people. Create and cultivate deep, beneficial relationships. Learn the most powerful networking skills to navigate both the online and offline worlds—all WITHOUT compromising what your value.

Let’s get started!

The Course Overview

This is a self-paced & action-based 21 day couse for you to learn new methods, skills, techniques, and strategies for learning to have a conversation with anyone!

Below is your course overview with a brief outline of the skills you will learn and a link to each day’s lesson:


System Requirements

This course uses an audioplayer that plays best on most all modern computers and tablets, as well as iPhone and Android smartphones.

***If the audio player does not work, please try a different web browser***
Best solutions: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

Before You Begin…

Thank you again for choosing to improve your networking skills with this course. Before you begin Day 1, please take a few minutes to listen to the introduction to this course. You will learn what to expect with this course and how to proceed with each day’s lesson.

Once you complete this introduction, please continue onto your first day in Becoming a Masterful Networker.

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Course Materials

We have provided a workbook for you to download. This workbook provides additional opportunities for you to process what you learn. Utilize this workbook to enhance each lesson and re-enforce the actions you are taking daily.

After you finish this course, your thoroughly completed workbook will allow you to easily review your notes on the networking skills you learned.

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Week 1: Building Your Networking Foundation

Day 1:

Getting Good is Getting Started

The Skills You’ll Learn: Uncovering and dealing with the limiting beliefs you have about networking and how to overcome them.

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Day 2:

Old School Networking vs. 21st Century Networking & Why it Matters

The Skills You’ll Learn: Defining networking and discussing the differences between old methods versus new methods and why upgrading your skills is critical.

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Day 3:

The Very Best & Worst Opening Line

The Skills You’ll Learn: The things to avoid saying and doing when meeting someone new and the number one thing you must always do when meeting someone for the first time.

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Day 4:

Who & Do What?

The Skills You’ll Learn: The best way to tell others what you do without sounding bland, boring or scripted.

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Day 5:

Increasing Your Like-ability

The Skills You’ll Learn: How to instantly and effortlessly have others like you.

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Day 6:

Be Top Of Mind

The Skills You’ll Learn: How to become the most valuable person in other people’s networks.

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Day 7:

The Dreaded Business Card Exchange

The Skills You’ll Learn: The very best strategy for both giving out your business card and asking for them.

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Week 2: Leveraging Your Growing Network

Day 8:

Continuing the Conversation

The Skills You’ll Learn: The most effective methods for following up.

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Day 9:

The Connector

The Skills You’ll Learn: The best (non-sleazy) ways to be known as the go-to person for all connections.

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Day 10:

Making It Fun

The Skills You’ll Learn: How to be the life of the party even as an introvert.

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Day 11:

Why Networking Socially Beats Social Networking

The Skills You’ll Learn: The real social networking strategies that no one is telling you about.

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Day 12:

How To Find People That Are Relevant to You Online

The Skills You’ll Learn: Easy methods for discovering and connecting with peers, potential customers, and others who will spread your message for you.

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Day 13:

How To Approach & Cultivate A Relationship Online

The Skills You’ll Learn: Avoid costly mistakes that so many fall prey to approaching and cultivating new relationships online.

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Day 14:

How & When To Take an Online Relationship Offline

The Skills You’ll Learn: Make smooth, appropriate transitions toward deepening online relationships by learning the best approaches to taking them offline.

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Week 3: Developing Mastery in Networking

Day 15:

Where & How To Be Seen as a Leader Online

The Skills You’ll Learn: The key credibility factors all great online leaders possess and how to develop them.

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Day 16:

How To Tactfully Say “No Thanks” to People That Want to Engage You

The Skills You’ll Learn: How to tactfully handle sticky online situations without coming off cold or distant.

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Day 17:

Leveraging Your Time With Who Matters Most

The Skills You’ll Learn: Effective strategies to make optimal use of your time online without getting distracted and sucked into the online black hole.

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Day 18:

Causing an Avalanche of Connections Online

The Skills You’ll Learn: Hard hitting methods for becoming somebody everyone wants to know.

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Day 19:

How To Avoid Networking Burnout

The Skills You’ll Learn: The best approach to avoid networking burnout in a 24/7 always connected world.

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Day 20:

When To Stop Networking

The Skills You’ll Learn: If and when to stop building relationships.

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Day 21:

Networking Reconnaissance

The Skills You’ll Learn: The #1 thing that separates the average networkers from the masterful networkers.

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Going Forward…

Your First Steps Towards Mastery


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Based on the expertise of Thomas Mangum

Director: Bradley Gauthier · Researcher: Greg Hartle · Instructor: Thomas Mangum
Writers: Thomas Mangum & Greg Hartle · Executive Producer: Bradley Gauthier