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Day 11: Why Networking Socially Beats Social Networking

The real social networking strategies that no one is telling you about.


Length 5:50 | Presented by Thomas Mangum

Your Exercise for Today:

Now it’s time to move your networking to the online world.

First, review what you learned about how to connect offline. These same skills apply online and you want to be sharp and skilled when it comes to making connections.

If you’re already networking online it’s time to take an inventory of your presence and truly determine if it’s a valuable use of your time. Any tool can launch your productivity into overdrive or burn up all your resources.

DO a full examination of your online presence and get clear about which sites are working in your favor. Which ones do you enjoy being a part of? Which ones are you finding peers to interact with? Ask yourself if you’re being human, real, authentic, and sociable or if you’re just following best practices?

Look back at your recent online communication… were you communicating from the highest intention? From an abundant, real place? Take time to thoroughly examine your online presence and your recent communication. Ensure you’re being real, not a robot.