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Day 12: How To Find People That Are Relevant to You Online

Easy methods for discovering and connecting with peers, potential customers, and others who will spread your message for you.

Your Lesson:


Length 4:30 | Presented by Thomas Mangum

Your Exercise for Today:

Who is relevant to you? Who are you looking for? Start here. Invest the time today to define your ideal client. What qualities, needs, and desires do they have? You must have a target before you can leverage your time and energy. Once you’ve developed your target, it’s time to do your homework. Start asking around and doing a bit of research to figure out where these individuals go, where they hangout, and what they’re looking for. From there, you must answer the question, “Why you?” Why would they consider you as a solution? If you’re not sure, enlist the help of others around you. Ask for feedback from your friends, peers, and associates. What attributes and benefits do they appreciate about you, your business, or product/service? Getting crystal clear on all these important questions will help you identify and leverage the locations online where you can provide the greatest benefit to those looking for you as a possible solution.