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Day 16: How To Tactfully Say “No Thanks”

How to tactfully handle sticky online situations without coming off cold or distant.


Length 4:23 | Presented by Thomas Mangum

Your Exercise for Today:

The reality of networking is you’ll find yourself in sticky situations from time to time. These are not to be avoided. They are to be handled like a masterful networker–with grace and elegance. First, address the guilt you experience when wanting to say no thanks. You simply cannot be every thing to all people.

You’ll always let someone down and possibly even offend someone at some point. The key here is to evaluate the pros and cons, execute the best options for each unique situation, and let it go. Focus on this strategy today. Make an authentic choice that doesn’t compromise your integrity and respond accordingly. This isn’t necessarily easy, but definitely necessary. Use today as an opportunity to grow as a masterful networker. To do the hard work necessary to make relationships easy. Get going…