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Day 8: Continuing the Conversation

The most effective methods for following up.


Length 4:10 | Presented by Thomas Mangum

Your Exercise for Today:

In Week 1 you connected with several people. Today is your opportunity to continue some of those conversations. This is where most people fail to follow-through. But, if you’re not going to follow up there is no point to networking to begin with. Reach out to a few of the people you connected with last week through whatever channel you feel would be best to reach them.

It could be via email, social networks, or a quick phone call. Remember, it’s not as much the tool as what you say and how you say it. If you were practicing “active listening” then this is your chance to acknowledge something you discussed during your first conversation. And don’t be over-zealous and don’t ask for anything in return.

Just use this opportunity to build on the first connection by thanking them, acknowledging them, and/or edifying them. That’s it. Make it enough contact, but not too much.

Now get started.