I always get questions about the tools I use to to be more productive and efficient with my time and just cool stuff that either save time, bring in more revenue and ultimately help me CONNECT.

Besides the Learn To Connect NOW! free training that is available, here are tools I use.   

Most have a free version. Your support of the tools helps me continue to do what I do, so tell them I sent you.

They work for me and my clients. Maybe you’ll like them too.


How Do You Keep Track of Relationships?

Get Started With Contactually  

To help me keep track of relationships, I use Contactually.

What I love about this tool is not only is it cloud-based so I can access it anywhere in the world with no software to download, it integrates directly into GoogleMail (Gmail) if you use that.

Give it test run and see if it resonates for you.

What System Do You Use For Email, Autoresponders, Opt-In, etc…?

I can’t imagine how you could EVER run a business, with some sort of email marketing and list management tool. There are several to choose from depending on the size of your business and your objectives. Let’s be clear, a tool is only as good as how you leverage it.  It’s NOT going to magically put more money in your pocket or save you a ton of ton if not used properly. <—personal experience here!

Therefore, if you’re doing things manually now and getting results then adding productivity tools will magnify the results you’re getting now.

I meet more people than I can count that spend FOREVER buying tools and never actually doing the basics of business.

Aweber works perfectly fine for me!