Mastermind Group lead by Thomas Mangum 

Imagine….your very own board of advisors focused on creating unrecognizable results for YOU! 

Besides working one-to-one with me on leveraging a phenomenal network or taking part in the self-paced online training, Becoming A Masterful Networker, I’m running an experiment..a trial Mastermind Group if you will.

Now, you may have all sorts of definitions of what a Mastermind Group is or isn’t. I promise you, you’ve likely never experienced one quite like this.

I welcome your support extending this invitation to those within your network that you feel may have an interest.

Given how cost effective this trial program is, it will be a first in first served basis. Deadline to fill this MAXIMUM of 10 people is Wednesday 25 September.

If you know of anyone who is ready to achieve more in the next 90 days than they ever have in their life before now, then let them know about this opportunity.

This is the Facebook post I posted and subsequent logistical details of the program.  FYI: Location is not an issue.



I have decided today to launch another case study of the Connection Mastermind Group starting 26 September. I’m looking for 10 committed individuals interested in participating in this case study.

Given it is a trial of the concept, I intend to heavily reduce the participation fee for this first round.

The commitment is 90 days. Entries are now open.

Please submit your interest via private email to CLICK HERE

First come, First Served. This trial offer will close as soon as a MAXIMUM of 10 have deposits on file. Secure your place with a deposit here.

I’m looking for network marketers, real estate investors, business owners/entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders interested in experiencing an quantum leap in the results they are currently getting.

This program offers a money back guarantee.

If you’re interested or know of anyone in your network that would be interested then I would love to hear from you!

NOTE: This Mastermind Group is not for the faint-hearted.

It’s designed for those who are interested in results to unprecedented levels. Having had a hand in the development of mastermind groups with an investment of $500-2500/month to those of $30,000-$75,000, I know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t within the mastermind group dynamic.

The power of any Mastermind group is the caliber of people it attracts & even more importantly the bond that is established. It would be a privilege to participate in your journey if this resonates! You will know if it does!

Thanks in advance for your support of this initiative.